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Marine Engines

Marine Engines and Component

Show Quality Restoration

Cylinder Head Repair

  • A complete Restoration of Cast Iron and Cast Aluminum Cylinder Heads are possible. Examples: Combustion Chamber Cracks and/or Impact Damage and Combustion Chamber or Port Modifications, Repair of External Freeze Cracks, Bolt Holes, Rocker Stud Bosses, etc.

Engine Block Repair

  • Your Cast Iron or Cast Aluminum Engine Block can be restored. Save your valuable serial numbers. We repair cracked or eroded Deck Surfaces, Internal and External Freeze Cracks, Main Web Cracks and Oil Galley Cracks. We also repair Impact Damage such as Block Holes and Pan Rail Damage. Broken Mounts, Flanges, Bolt Holes, etc. can also be repaired.

Transmission Cases Repaired

  • Cast Iron or Cast Aluminum cracked or broken, Bell Housing Repair, Tail Shaft Housings, V-Drive Castings, Flanges, Mounts, etc.

Miscellaneous Repairs

  • White Metal repair such as Pot Metals: Outboard Marine Castings such as Starter Mounts and Skegs. Our specialty is Pre Chrome Welding and Repair of Ornaments, Moldings, Emblems, Hinges, etc.

Intake and Exhaust Manifolds

  • Cast Iron and Aluminum cracked broken and/or eroded Water Cooled Manifolds, this included both Internal and External repairs.
1980 Chris Craft Marine Intake Manifold - The manifold was previously brazed then restored.
Majestic Marine Manifold
Before and After
1980 Chris Craft
Before and After
Our custom welding machine shop offers manifold repair as well as maintenance and repair on marine engine blocks and cylinder heads in Hudson, WI.
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