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cast welding
Have you ever broken a cast metal part? We provide a cost-effective metal repair service, allowing you to restore your part instead of buying new! At Crow Custom Cast Welding, we specialize in the custom repair of cast iron, cast aluminum, cast bronze, and cast white metal components.
cast welding

Our Mission

  • To provide a personal and cost-effective repair of cast metal components.
  • To bring them as accurately as possible to their original geometry in a timely fashion.

Reconditioned Parts

We often carry reconditioned parts such as cylinder heads, engine blocks, and manifolds. If you need specialized machine shop service, just give us a call to discuss your project or needs.

Company Applications

Our custom welding services can be used in many different applications. Please check out our service sections to learn more about the different types of services we provide. We specialize in cast metal restoration, and we can help you decide if this service is a cost-effective alternative to replacing the piece. Please feel free to call for advice and to arrange service. We are here to help you with all of your cast metal needs.
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